Bitcoin Cash Payment Processor Evolves Adding URL Shortener, Paypal API Integration is a hosted permissionless Bitcoin cash ( )-based payments processor. They have made a number of significant updates to the platform. The platform was launched three months ago. However, they have already introduced new features to improve the user experience. A URL shortener is one of the interesting features. This will enable users to monetize any website’s access. will accept any Simple Ledger Protocol tokens (SLP) created using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

We are happy to announce that we are now the first payment processor to accept all #SLP tokens on @BitcoinCash.

Conversion of Token Fiat Value

– PromptCash July 4, 2021

URL shorteners aren’t new. However, most companies that offer this service are fiat-based. uses bitcoin cash addresses to send the payment to the user’s wallet. This allows for instant redemption of funds received. This service offers a significant advantage over traditional services. These fiat-based competitors require that the customer withdraw funds manually once a certain amount has been reached.

PayPal API Integration allows seamless migration

Incipient payment processors have to deal with the high cost of integration. Many companies will not test new payment processors, even though they would love to. Because of the cost associated with integrating them into a company’s structure, this is often true. recognizes this problem and works to reduce friction and costs associated with adding bitcoin cash payments on every platform.

Ekliptor, the developer of stated that integration with Paypal Rest API will help in achieving this goal. Ekliptor stressed that:

The API layer compatibility allows websites that use Paypal to test out bitcoin cash payments without having to invest a lot of developer knowledge.

Merchants are now able to modify any of the many plugins available to make them compatible with These merchants can offer bitcoin cash payments by simply changing a few things.

Merchants will find it easier to integrate with popular platforms. Static pages, WordPress, Node.js PHP, WHCMS and Android-based platforms all have the ability to integrate payment. These benefits are not the only ones offers example to help non-coders understand what is needed and how to apply it to their own platforms.