Bitcoin Owners in Spain to Disclose Assets Under Proposed Bill

A draft bill proposed by the government of Spain would force people to disclose their ownership to the government before buying or selling any kind of assets under a proposed law. The law is called as “Proposado del Valor”, which means Propaganda of Valor.

Valor is an administrative law that regulates the collection of fees, penalties and interests from the victims of crimes, while giving compensation to the victim. The proposed legislation would give a lot of advantages for the government and would not necessarily benefit the victims of the crime.

Propaganda of Valor also states that any person who is found guilty of fraud will face a prison term that is higher than the one given for the other types of fraud. If the defendant is convicted of fraud, he could serve his sentence in a maximum security prison, while the first sentence would only affect the sentence for fraud.

The second Propaganda of Valor would also make it mandatory for all companies that buy any type of asset that the company may own. If the asset is not owned by a company then they would have to give a certificate stating that they do not own the asset or what is still being investigated about the ownership.

The third Propaganda of Valor would also make it compulsory for all people who own assets under $10 million to disclose their assets to the government. Any asset that is under that amount could be seized by the government, and the person who holds the asset could be fined or imprisoned, and if he is found to be a fraudulently owning any asset then he could be sentenced to death or more severe punishments. So, anyone who owns any asset above that amount would have to disclose it to the government for safety reasons.

According to the proposed legislation, people who are accused of fraud would be automatically granted bail in the event of the court ruling against them, while in cases of death they would be required to pay all the outstanding money and assets of the deceased before they would be allowed to leave the court. Also, it would require all investors to disclose their funds to the government in a form known as “Valor Debit”, so that the government could access those funds for their use when necessary. while it would also give the government the right to use these funds in any way that they feel necessary.