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Argentinians are now discovering how liquidity providers in P2P market arbitrage between different markets to make huge amounts of money. Reports from local media indicate that this strategy could double the monthly savings of investors, depending on whether they have access to payment methods or the ability of their P2P cashier.

These human exchangers can buy crypto in low-cost markets and then trade them in international markets that have higher prices and a greater demand. This is not an automatic conclusion, however, because P2P cashiers must manage multiple payment methods and accounts in order to offer customers interesting options and to score large spreads on different exchanges.

There are many exchanges in Argentina that offer P2P trading. This allows users to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. These include Binance and Paxful.

Growth and earnings

Local sources have reported that different companies have confirmed the growth. Maximiliano Hinz from Latam Operations in Binance stated:

It has been organic growth. We can report that active users increased by 40% due to the nature and business of the site.

Renata Rodriguez is the marketing manager at Paxful Latam. She stated that the number of new users registered in Argentina has increased by more than 110% over the past year.

Others have not provided exact numbers but stated that they also noticed a significant increase in activity on P2P markets. Alex Vazquez (P2P operations manager at Okex), stated that:

A notable rebound was seen in particular from the last month.

These traders will need to have different payment methods in order to benefit from the spreads that are available depending on which markets they trade in. According to local sources, uncommon payment methods like Payoneer or Paypal might result in higher earnings than others. These payment methods are often used by freelancers who want to pay fiat or cryptocurrency with these platforms.

Amazon gift cards can be purchased at a discount rate up to 25% and then sold at face value in other countries. For P2P cashiers who prefer stablecoins like USDT, volatility in crypto markets can be a concern.