Bitcoin Code Review

What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is an automated trading system for only cryptocurrencies. It works with an independent network comprising intelligent robots that can identify and perform trading transactions on behalf of the users who have funds in their Bitcoin Code accounts.

It is very easy to get started with Bitcoin Code, we have had a smooth experience throughout this review, and this is a good thing because anyone can start making money with Bitcoin Code without taking a special course to learn trading skills. We are happy that the owners have set the lowest deposit limit at only $250, this is affordable and more people can invest. Using smart trading systems like Bitcoin Code to make money from the cryptocurrency market is a great option. The system allows all investors to start earning with a few clicks.

All that is needed to start making money with Bitcoin Code is to send funds to the Bitcoin Code account, activate the live trading feature and sit back to watch the robots make profitable transactions with your deposited funds.

We have done multiple tests with our analytics tools and can confirm that the results we got regarding the win rate for transactions are accurate. A win rate of 98% means so many people can become very rich by investing and using Bitcoin Code.

We had to register a new account to proceed with our tests. Continue reading to know how that went.

How Bitcoin Code was invented

We were happy to find out that the genius behind Bitcoin Code is Steve McKay; he is an experienced cryptocurrency trader and an expert software developer. Steve McKay has found a unique way to program robots that can scan the cryptocurrency market within seconds to find money-making opportunities for investors.

Currently, Bitcoin Code is available in 150 countries, and more people are joining the platform to start making a profit from cryptocurrency trades daily.

How Does Bitcoin Code Work?

We discovered that the fast processes on Bitcoin Code are mainly responsible for the huge number of positive feedback from happy users who are making money with the auto trading system. In total, Bitcoin Code has generated millions of dollars in profits for its users.

We are really happy that many people can use the system and become financially independent; because the funds needed to start making money with Bitcoin Code is affordable. With only $250, anyone can get started.

Main features of the Bitcoin Code


The payout system on Bitcoin Code works seamlessly. It is fast and accurate. We observed that our credits and transactions done during the live trading session were accurately represented after the trading session ended. Also, after our withdrawal, the funds deposited in our bank account were accurate. So we know that all users can trust the payout system.

Verification System

The verification system is also reliable. We are happy it exists on this platform. The user information provided when opening a new Bitcoin Code account is accurately verified to ensure investors do not have any problems when depositing or making withdrawals from the system.

Withdrawal Funds

Funds can be withdrawn from the Bitcoin Code account in less than 24-hours. And users can withdraw funds without any restrictions.


We were particularly interested in the charges on Bitcoin Code. Thankfully, we did not find any evidence of hidden fees. It is free to register a new account and make a deposit. However, after the robots make a profit for users, the system takes a percentage from the profit. The balance and capital are sent to the users’ account.

User Testimonials

This was another interesting section and we had fun reading the positive reviews from current users. There are investors making over $5,000 daily with Bitcoin Code, however, as new users, it is best to start small and grow your capital.

Customer Support

The customer support system is responsive and available 24/7, we tested the system, interacted with humans and not bots, and it works perfectly.


All new Bitcoin Code accounts are linked to a broker. The job of the broker is to monitor the automated trading system to ensure that every investor enjoys a significant ROI after each trading session.

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Is Bitcoin Code a Legit Trading Platform?

Many people ask this question because they do not want to lose their investment. And we can boldly inform our readers that Bitcoin Code is legit, and one of the surest auto trading platforms anyone can use to make a consistent passive income. It always helps to have an additional income; in this case, we know that you won’t need to put in much effort to make money with the system.

Here is a summary of our discoveries during this review;

  • 1) We confirmed that Bitcoin Code is fully registered and accredited as an online trading system for all serious investors who want to make money from the cryptocurrency market.
  • 2) The win rate for transactions done by the robots on Bitcoin Code is as high as 98%, which is fantastic.
  • 3) The minimum deposit needed to start using the live trading feature and earn a steady income is $250; this is much lower than what other similar trading platforms charge which makes it easier for more people to become rich from trading cryptocurrency.

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Creating a Bitcoin Code account

We have documented the steps to register a new Bitcoin Code account below,

Step 1: Registration

The registration form for a new Bitcoin Code account can be downloaded from the homepage on the site. We completed the entire process in less than five minutes. The form was completed by entering a username, phone number, and an email address.

Step 2: Verification Process

All accounts are verified by the system before activation. We received an email notification informing us that the new account had been verified and ready for use.

Step 3: Funding the account

We found the following payment options of the site;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GeoTrust
  • PCI

The availability of multiple options is a good idea; people from all over the world can easily make payments and start using the live trade feature without any delays. We made a deposit of $250; this fund was used to test the Bitcoin trading robots and have our first live trading experience.

Step 4: Activating trading robots

Before starting our live trading session, we needed to set a stop-loss limit on our account and choose our preferred currency pairs. The options for currency pairs include BTC, LTC. ETH, XRP which can be matched with USD, CND, YEN. EUR, among other options.

Our first live trading experience was great; we set the duration for our live trading session to last 8 hours. During this time, we studied how the robots performed transactions with our funds. The entire process was automated and really fast. We were impressed with the selections and independent system that needs no form of human intervention while the robots trade. After selecting transactions, the brokers confirm that they are profitable before the deal is sealed.

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Bitcoin Code vs. other Bitcoin trading robots

We noted some advantages Bitcoin Code has over other trading robots we have tested. Here are our observations;

Bitcoin CodeOther bitcoin robots
All the processes on Bitcoin Code are transparent, there are no hidden fees.It is difficult to know how charges are calculated because there is lack of transparency.
Account registration can be done in five minutes or less.The process to open a new account is too cumbersome and lengthy.
Bitcoin Code is open to everyone; there is no need to have special training to get started.Many other platforms are not user-friendly, only experienced traders can use them.
  Fast withdrawal system on Bitcoin Code makes it convenient for all users.Withdrawal requests may not be processed for many days.
The testimonial section shows that many people are making money with Bitcoin Code every day.There are hardly positive reviews; many users are dissatisfied with the system.

Tips for new investors

Here are some tips to help new investors have a rewarding experience with Bitcoin Code;

Start with small investments

As a new investor, it is best to start with the minimum deposit of $250, while you study the auto trading system. When you fully understand how everything works, you can increase your deposit and make more money.

Withdraw profits

It is a smart move to withdraw your profit and reinvest the capital.

Study the Market

The cryptocurrency market is a very busy place; there is a lot to learn if you can find the time. The information you get will help you make better investment decisions.

Pay your tax

Always pay your taxes on all profits made by trading with Bitcoin Code.

Invest your disposable income

Only invest your disposable income, instead of your entire life savings or money for rent. The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, so you should play it safe.

 Advantages of using Bitcoin Code

We have also added some of the benefits of trading with Bitcoin Code. Please note that these points have been observed and written as we tested the different features on the auto trading platform.

No need for special training or skills

Bitcoin Code is perfect for busy people who need to start making a passive income daily. You don’t need any skills to get started because the robots do all the work.

High win rate

Our analytics tools have proven that the win rate on Bitcoin Code is very high. This means that every investor will make a profit after each trading session.

Accurate processes

The trading robots are fast and accurate. They eliminate the possibility of errors which can happen when humans trade manually.

Customer Support

It is always best to use a trading platform that offers 24/7 customer support.

Demo trading account

This is one of the features we were delighted to test. It is important for all auto trading platforms to have a demo trading feature. This is a part of using auto trading robots that helps new investors to understand what the entire process is all about. We also know that only legit trading platforms have added the demo trading feature because they have nothing to hide.

On Bitcoin Code, we tested the demo trading feature, and it works without a glitch. The demo trading sessions we had gave us an insight into how the trading robots work. Many new users will find this feature very helpful and educative.

Bitcoin Code and the media

It was very surprising to find different claims and other information online about Bitcoin Code. We saw claims that Bitcoin Code has been featured many times on popular TV shows such as The Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, and The Morning Show to mention a few. We were curious about this information because there was no mention of such affiliations on the official Bitcoin Code website. So we decided to verify these claims during our review. It turns out that these are just claims and they are false. We reached out the administrative team behind Bitcoin Code who confirmed that many of those claims are false. We also heard from a few TV hosts on the shows through their social media handles. They confirmed that there is no truth in those claims.

Sadly, we have also seen that some people post claims online to make people believe Bitcoin Code has been endorsed by celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Martin Lewis, Elon Musk, and Peter Jones among others. These are also false claims. We have proof that these claims are put out there to direct online traffic to an affiliate website where baseless software and other scams are peddled to unsuspecting buyers.

Please note that only the information you get from the official Bitcoin Code site should be regarded as authentic.

Is there is a Bitcoin Code mobile app?

There is currently no mobile app for the Bitcoin Code; however, the best way to access the system is through a regular browser on your smartphone or laptop.

Bitcoin Code Review: Our Verdict

We have tested Bitcoin Code and arrived at a verdict. Bitcoin Code is a legit auto trading site for cryptocurrency. It is fully registered and can be trusted. We have used all the features of Bitcoin Code, made live trades, used the demo trading feature, and made a withdrawal from our account.

These transactions will not be possible if Bitcoin Code is a scam, we would have been able to deposit but not withdraw. We confidently recommend Bitcoin Code to everyone who needs a reliable auto trading platform for cryptocurrency that guarantees a daily profit.

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We have been helping many people identify the best automated trading robots for cryptocurrency. Our email inbox has been overflowing with commendations, so we know that the team is doing something beneficial to the entire public. It is important to have a 9 to 5 job, but we shouldn’t pass an opportunity to make passive income especially when it requires no effort. This is exactly what automated cryptocurrency trading robots offer.

In this review, our focus is on Bitcoin Code. We have tested the robots that perform automated trading, and our experience has been amazing. It is with great pleasure that we write this report about our experience. We are happy to once again identify another automated trading system for cryptocurrency that anyone can use to become very rich.

Before we started our review, the statistics and testimonials regarding experiences with Bitcoin Code have been fantastic. On the site, there are so many posts and feedback from satisfied users. This only happens when people are happy with the system and have made a significant profit.

So, we can say that our review started with high hopes of discovering the features that make Bitcoin Code so effective.


An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.


Does the payout system offer Bitcoins?

No, it doesn’t, instead the value in a users’ account is converted to their local currency and sent to the bank account provided when the account was registered.

Why is the win rate on Bitcoin Code so high?

We observed that the win rate is high because the robots work with an intelligent AI-based algorithm that makes it possible to scan the massive data from the cryptocurrency market in seconds. That is how the trading robots can identify money-making opportunities and seal good deals for the investors. 

How much is needed to use Bitcoin Code?

Regarding the registration of a new account and the sign-up process, it is completely free. However, the deposit range has been set as $250, which is the lowest deposit limit and $15,000 is the highest deposit limit.

Do I need special training to use Bitcoin Code?

No, you don’t, the trading robots do all the work for you. All you need to do is to ensure that your Bitcoin Code account is funded, when this is done, activate the live trade feature. The trading robots do the rest work to make you richer after the trading session.